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Cool Off With Some Icy Fun!

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How’s the weather been in your neck of the woods?  Here in Erie, PA things are really starting to heat up and that means lots of water play outside!  We recently acquired a terrible ceramic frog sprinkler which I love, but some times the little ones don’t appreciate being sprayed.  Everyone loves playing with ice though!

Generally, I just make standard ice cubes, but I spotted these adorable star shaped ice cube trays at Walmart the other day and just had to pick them up!  I think they were only a dollar.   You can find them in the seasonal section.

Star Ice Cube Tray!

Anyway, I made a bunch of regular ice cubes and some star shaped ones as well.  I just fill up the trays with water and then add a touch of food coloring to up the fun factor.  The kids love them!  Check out some of the fun below!

Ice Cube Fun!


Transferring between two bowls.   I didn’t have any tongs at the time, so these kids did the transfer with a spoon, but either one is great for some hand eye coordination development.

Ice Cube Fun!Stay put little ice cube!

Ice Cube Fun!I also filled up a bowl with some water to see what would happen when we dropped the ice cubes in there.

Ice Cube Fun!Surprise!  Not only did the ice cubes melt, but the water changed color as well!  This is a great science experiment for toddlers.  It helps show what happens when we combine colors as well.

Ice Cube Fun!I brought a bundt cake pan out as well and the kids had fun stacking up ice cubes in that.

Super Simple!  Super Fun!

And it helps keep everyone a bit cooler!

What about you?  What are you up to this summer?  How are you planning on keeping cool?

Sharing is caring!