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Blogging Basics: Writing When You Have Writers Block!

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OK, so I have started writing several different blogging basics posts for this week and once I put the title and a short intro, I just sit there like, “Duh!”  I have so much going on that I am beyond stressed… I am actually writing this post on Tuesday with only about 2 hours before we leave for a week long vacation and my stomach growling up a storm.  I can’t concentrate on writing this post because I still have a million tasks on my to do list, a ton of blank spots on my blog editorial calendar staring at me, and tons more emails coming in every 2 minutes!

So, how do you write when time is running out and your mind is a total blank?  Freestyle it!  Remember back in the day when the teacher would put a word on the chalk board and you would have to write for a certain amount of time?  Remember what she said?  Just write what pops into your head.  My Teachers never expanded on that writing thing, but they should have.  Once you have done that you go back in and look at the types of things you wrote.  Choose 2 or 3 really great thoughts and start again using those thoughts.  Clean it up and you have a blog post.  If you take an hour to do this every day (yeah, I should practice what I Preach) or even several days a week, you will have a bunch of posts ready to go!

Writing this blog post is kind of me doing that.  I am just writing what pops into my head!  LOL!

So, there you go!  Oh By the way… While you are reading this post, I am sitting here:


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