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All About Black Widow Spiders

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It’s time to learn All About Black Widow Spiders! Now that the fall season is on us, there are many critters that are looking for shelter away from the cold harsh winters that are fast approaching us. Some of these critters are not so pleasant to have in our homes and yards. Be sure to check out my Spider Lifecycle Lapbook for more spider information.

We decided to do a science research project on some of the deadliest insects in our world. The reason we decided to do that is because we’ve been noticing a lot more of them scurrying to get their food stored up around us.

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All About Black Widow Spiders

We went to The Orkin Ecologist and saw an article on The World’s Scariest & Deadliest Insects. Of course, having boys that lead to them wanting to do a research project on the Black Widow Spiders. Most people know that one of the scariest and deadly spiders is the Black Widow Spider.

We had to do research on the black widow spider to know where they are found, what they eat, and how they got their name. So, I sent the boys on an online mission to get all the answers to the above information.

They found out that the black widow spider are found on every continent except for Antarctica, according to New World Encyclopedia. I always thought the black widow spider referred to a female specimen of a breed of spiders. Come to find out, there are males and females black widow spiders, but when this breed is held in captivity the female will kill the male spiders. That is where the black widow spider received its name. They also found out that they typically eat other spiders and insects that get caught in their webs. Of course, they also found out what they look like in full detail. Beware if you see a black spider with a red hourglass figure on the belly area.

Then I had them get creative with what they envisioned as a scary piece of art that would include the black widow spider. Their little imaginations definitely created some master pieces for the Halloween season.

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You can go visit  The Orkin Ecologist to gain some more insightful information concerning science and ecology. It definitely has the ability to lead kids to want to explore more about the information they find on that site. You can also connect with Orkin on their official website, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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