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5 Christmas Gifts That Are Inexpensive

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As the Christmas season approaches, we start to think about what to give our loved ones and where to get those gifts. Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful, especially if you do not have much money to spend. However, there are five items you can purchase that are inexpensive.


Most everyone, regardless of age and socioeconomic status, loves to spend some free time engaged in a good book. What makes books great gifts is that they are very accessible. You can find a book in just about every category and genre. You can purchase a book in a bookstore, online and in any format; paperback, electronic, audio.


DVDs are like books in that they offer home entertainment for a low cost. They are also accessible in that you can purchase them online or in stores.

Home Accessories

Home accessories are those little trinkets that we cannot live without. They are what gives our homes extra personality. Basic home accessories like candles, sconces, picture frames, small gemstones, knick knacks and small house plants do not cost much. You can purchase all of these items in large retailers near you. You can even purchase most of these items at smaller, independently owned stores for a reasonable price.


Toys are excellent Christmas gifts for children, especially for younger ones. The wonderful thing about toys is that they allow children to use their imaginations. They also provide children with the opportunity to learn practical skills. Since toys are inexpensive, you can purchase more than one item.

Gift Cards

If you are stuck for ideas as to what to give your loved one for Christmas, you can give him or her a gift card. Gift cards range do range in price from less expensive to more expensive which gives you the opportunity to spend less or more depending on your finances. All stores offer gift cards, giving you the option to purchase one at your loved one’s favorite store.

Prior to Christmas, stores will often mark certain items on a discounted rate. Most retailers–online and brick-and-mortar–will even offer coupons to returning customers. It is best that, when searching for items to purchase, you look for the best deal. However, if the product you intend to purchase is not on sale for a discounted price, it will not harm you financially to purchase that product.

Guest article written by Deanna Proach who is the author of two novels, Day of Revenge (Inkwater Press) and To be Maria (not yet published).When not writing she edits the laptop deals section of

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