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3 Benefits of Pet Ownership from the Purina Better with Pets Summit

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As any pet owner can tell you, having a pet is a wonderful experience. But did you know that being a pet parent can actually improve your life?

It turns out that there are actual benefits to owning a pet! And the 2015 Purina Better with Pets Summit was all about one aspect of pet ownership: Emotional Wellness.

Studies have been done to examine how pet parenting can make life better for pets and their owners and the results have been extremely interesting. Check out 3 benefits of pet ownership that were highlighted at the event!

3 Benefits of Pet Ownership from the Purina Better with Pets Summit

About the 2015 Purina Better with Pets Summit

Since the summit was all about emotional wellness for pets and parents, the panel topics covered different aspects of pet wellness. Some of the topics included:

  • How is the relationship between pets and owners changing?
  • How does stress affect pets and parents?
  • How does having a pet improve life for children?

Along with the panel discussions, the Purina Better with Pets Summit featured hands-on exhibits from vendors, interactive displays, and a nutrition area where pet owners could learn more about how to establish good diet habits for their furry friends.

3 Benefits of Pet Ownership

Pet ownership creates a bond between parent and pet.

There’s no doubt that pet parents feel strongly about their pets, and with good reason. Developing a relationship with pets actually contributes to emotional wellness. As pets and parents grow closer, they form an emotional bond that can serve both well throughout life.

Having a pet can be educational.

Children who own pets can learn a lot from them. Kids who help with pet care and grooming learn how to be responsible for the welfare of others. They can also learn how to empathize by considering their pet’s feelings and well-being. Some experts even believe that kids who help care for school pets can reap these same benefits.

Owning a pet can be therapeutic.

Even people who have endured traumatic life events can benefit from having a pet. Establishing an emotional connection to a pet can make it easier for adults and children to cope with loss, manage their feelings, and work through difficult situations. Pets have even been used to provide therapy to crime victims and disabled individuals.

How has owning a pet made your life better? Do you think being a pet parent could benefit someone else? Share your thoughts in the comments!

To learn more about the 2015 Purina Better with Pets Summit, visit the event website at

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