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Pinterest Faves: Let’s Hear it for the Boy(s)

There is a great collaborative board that I am a collaborative pinner of called For the Boys.  I think it is my favorite board and I hope you will take some time to check it out, too!

There are 38 Moms of Boys that contribute their great finds to this board – some amazing bloggers, seriously!  If you have even one son (or Grandson) you need to be following this so you don’t miss out on a great learning lesson, fun project, or must have item!

So, this post is a round of up the people that contribute to the boys board AND a link to get to that board.  Seriously, 744 pins!  If you aren’t following it, you need to be! Click the image below to get to the For the Boys board.


Oh so you know… if you click their name, it will take you to their Pinterest Profile and if you click their blog name it will take you there.  (Yeah, this was just a tad bit of work! LOL!)

    OK my list is getting unruly!  Next week, I will feature some of my favorite pins from the “For the Boys” Board and include the remaining contributors.  This should keep you busy, anyway. LOL!
    You can play along with me in this weekly link up by visiting 3 Boys and a Dog, Susie QT Pies, or Crystal and Company!
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About Kelli Miller

My husband (Ricky) of 15 years, our three wild and wonderfully different little boys, one totally spoiled little dog named Annie, and I live in a small town on the coast of Southern Alabama.


  1. Wow Kelli! It must have taken you forever to compile all of those links! My hat goes off to you! Thanks for including my details in the list. This truly is one of my favorite boards to both follow and contribute to. So many great ideas there.

    • It did, Ness!! LOL! As you can see, I quit 1/2 way through. LOL! I will be finishing up the post next week, though. Actually I am working on it now since I have everything open. :-) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a lot of work! Thank you for the mention! The pinterest board is a wonderful idea!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tricia! I finally finished compiling the links for next week’s post with the rest of the contributors to that board! :-)

  3. What a great post, thanks for adding us. FSPDT

  4. Oooh thanks for the feature!

  5. Wow a lot of time indeed! I agree, this is one of my favorite boards. With four young boys, the best ideas are found there!

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