Giveaway: Arm and Hammer Plus OxiClean Laundry Crystal Burst Power Paks


I have to be honest ladies, I make my own soap and love it.  Mainly because it is economical and I can dictate how much scent I add to my detergent.  When this product arrived I thought I was going to be working with what I always did in the past (pre-soap making times) but […]

Giveaway: Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Plus Scent Laundry Detergent

ARM & HAMMER® Liquid Laundry Detergent Sensitive Skin Plus Skin-Friendly Fresh Scent HE Compatible

We normally make our own soap.  Mainly because our second son has atopic Eczema and breaks out in rashes in the middle of the night if we aren’t careful with what comes in contact with his sensitive skin.  We tried other “sensitive skin” soaps to no avail so we resorted to making our own “organic” soap at […]

Giveaway: Madagascar Jumpstart


My kids have been enjoying JumpStart and Math Blaster for over a year now, they love it!   I was excited to hear that the creators of these two award-winning educational games had the brilliant idea to launched a new partnership with DreamWorks and included a new interactive Madagascar land inside of JumpStart called the Central Park Zoo. […]

Giveaway: Catholic Family Gifts


Our home is definitely not lacking in the  Catholic books and resources department but not until I received this beautiful book did I realize we didn’t have much for the little ones.  Tons of books for the adults and older kids but not for the small folks of the house who balance us out 4:4. […]

Giveaway: New Babar – The Complete First Season on DVD


I am very picky about what my children watch when they are sitting in front of the TV, I tend to like shows that are very sweet and gentle because I want to keep them young as much and as long as possible.  We love the sweetness and innocence of Babar and it’s little moralistic […]

Giveaway: M-Edge SuperShell iPad Cover {$34.99 value}


Our son saved for a year to buy himself an iPad.  He loves it and since we homeschool, he “sold” me on the idea of letting him buy one  by showing me all the cool educational apps.  “Mom, look at all the neat apps for the kids,” he said in his best car-salesman voice as […]

Giveaway: Crave Invoice Maker {$49 value – 15 winners}


  Billing is the job I get from my husband’s online internet marketing business.  It’s not my favorite job, I must confess, because I’m the “bad guy” in some cases and creating and keeping track of who owes what is such a pain.  When I saw Crave Invoice Maker on the list of items to […]

Giveaway: PearlMountain Image Converter Giveaway {$29.90 value – 20 winners}


Remember the days of 35mm film and developing rolls of pictures?  They seem so long ago…we don’t even think of them anymore.  We now have the ability to do so much with our digital cameras, deleting bad pictures on the spot and retaking  is something I do quite often.  Yet there is always something else […]

Giveaway: Picture Collage Maker Pro Giveaway {$39.99 value – 20 winners}

Collage Maker Project

Picture Collage Maker Pro has to be one of the easiest digital scrapping softwares I’ve used in a long time.  I normally like to do free form digital scrapbooking because it’s super fun for me but lately I’ve noticed that my pictures are still hiding in my computer and my time is super limited (more […]

Giveaway: Leap Frog Phonics Farm DVD

Leap Frog Logo

Own anything by Leap Frog Phonics?  If you do, I don’t have to tell you the awesome quality their items are, especially their DVDs!  My kids love them, time and time again!  They are so fun to watch and the tunes are so catchy that even my two-year-old was singing the letter sounds! In this […]