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A is for Alpaca {Preschool Homeschool}

It’s nearing the end of summer and we decided to start up our preschool homeschool year with somethings all kids seem to really love: animals!  I have been digging around Pinterest for some fun paper plate projects and decided to do an Alphabet Zoo theme featuring paper plate animals.  So stock up on your paint, paper plates, and googly eyes and let’s get started!

My inspiration for the plate came from this guy, spotted at recent family adventure at Living Treasure Animal Park.

Living Treasures 18 199x300 A is for Alpaca {Preschool Homeschool}

Take a look at those crazy teeth and his neatly parted hair.  The kids really got a kick out of these creatures!  Onto the craft!

What You Need:

  • Paper Plate
  • Cotton Ball
  • Googly Eyes
  • Sharpie Maker
  • Glue

What You Do:

We decided to make our Alpaca white, so there was no painting required, but you can paint your plate cream first if you’d like.

Lay out cotton balls in the middle of the table and give each child a glue stick or bottle of glue.  A few kids really love using paint brushes, so I dabbed a little liquid glue on the plate and let them spread it around with their brush. Otherwise, let kids dab with glue and then apply the cotton balls for hair.

A if for Alpaca 1 e1377607452506 300x159 A is for Alpaca {Preschool Homeschool}


Pass out googly eyes (I got GIANT ones at Oriental Trading last year) and let kids glue them on.  As you can see, they didn’t always get perfectly centered.

A if for Alpaca 7 300x225 A is for Alpaca {Preschool Homeschool}


Then, once the eyes and cotton balls are in place, draw on some outrageous teeth with the sharpie.

A if for Alpaca 6 300x225 A is for Alpaca {Preschool Homeschool}


On second thought, if you have a cotton ball crazy kid like me, you might want to draw the teeth on first!

A if for Alpaca 5 300x225 A is for Alpaca {Preschool Homeschool}


After you’re done with your plate, fill out one of the “All About Printable from Kelli” worksheets to help your child learn more about alpacas.

IMG 0282 300x225 A is for Alpaca {Preschool Homeschool}

 This is an example of the All About Chart from when we did our Polar Bear week.  Grab a few books from your library and fill out the chart together.

If the weather is still nice, head to a local zoo and see some alpacas in person.

Happy Crafting!


pixel A is for Alpaca {Preschool Homeschool}

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  1. How cute! We are doing Noah’s ark in a few weeks, I’ll have to remember to add an alpaca!
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Imperfect is the new perfect

  2. hahaha, I love your inspiration! :) My kids would love doing this craft. Good for you for thinking of ways to take a family outing and turn it into a learning/fun experience by making it last with a craft!

    I wanted to invite you to link it up at my Sharing Time link party- I would love to see you there regularly!

    Hope you’re having a great night!

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