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Letter T Worksheets for Preschool

An essential part of preschool is learning to say, recognize, and write letters of the alphabet. And that’s why I’m excited to share these Letter T worksheets for preschool that I’ve rounded up! Working with the letter T can be a really fun preschool lesson for kids. There are so many cute T themes to use: …

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Toddler Easter Theme Activities

If you’ve been searching for some awesome toddler Easter theme activities, look no further! This roundup is full of over 30 ideas you can use to make fun Easter crafts, cook delicious Easter treats, and read the best Easter storybooks with your little ones! There are plenty of crafts for little hands below, including chick …

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Dolch Sight Words: Preschool Reading Help

Learning to read is an important part of child development. Even in preschool, kids can get a jump on reading skills by working with Dolch Sight Words. Sight words are words that don’t follow traditional phonics rules. So since kids won’t be able to sound them out phonetically, they’ll have to memorize them so they …

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