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8 Must Have Items in Your Medicine Cabinet

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Keeping my family healthy is a priority for me. I love my family, but I do not love when one of the boys gets sick. It never fails, once one gets sick, they all start getting sick. Dealing with 3 sick boys is not fun! I try my hardest to keep everyone as healthy as possible, but sometimes it’s simply out of my control. Keeping these must have items in your medicine cabinet helps you stay prepared.

8 Must Have Items in Your Medicine Cabinet

Must Have Items in Your Medicine Cabinet

Thermometer – The first thing we normally do when our child complains of being sick is to feel their head. While this method can give you a general idea if your child is warm, it’s far from accurate. The best and safest option is to have an accurate thermometer in your medicine cabinet.

SayAhh! – This is a product that you might not know about, but it really is a life-saver. When a child complains of a sore throat, it’s really hard to know what to do. Should you take them to the doctor or just wait it out? If it’s a viral infection, meds aren’t usually given anyway. With the SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid you can quickly examine your child’s throat, which will help determine if your child does need to visit his doctor. The SayAhh! oral retractor and flashlight provide you with greater ease and accuracy for observation of the throat. Fewer visits to the doctor’s means less missed work for you, less missed school for your child, and more money in your pocket! SayAhh! can be used on anyone over the age of six. You’ll even find the SayAhh! Exam Guide App on the Apple App Store and coming soon to Google Play.


Phone Numbers – Having your doctor’s number inside your medicine cabinet is so important. You want to quickly be able to call your doctor from the area that stores your medicine. That way you can let your doctor know quickly what your child’s temperature is, what meds you have given him and the what results from the SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam are.

Band-Aids – Having an assortment of Band-Aid sizes on hand will allow you to be prepared for any cuts, scratches or ouchies that your child might have.

Pain Relievers – Make sure your medicine cabinet has pain relievers that are age appropriate for every member of your household. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to a child in pain and not having any children’s pain relievers on hand.

Antihistamine – Bee stings, spider bites, mosquito bites and allergic reactions are just some of the things can that happen to any of us. Bug bites are completely out of our control but when they happen, oh boy can the hurt, not to mention the reaction they can cause. Being able to quickly apply an Antihistamine cream is a great way to get any bite or sting under control quickly.

Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

Antibacterial Ointment – If you have kids then you are well aware that scratches, cuts and bumps happen all the time. Keep some antibacterial ointment on hand to quickly clean up any accidents.

Cough Syrup – Once you’ve examined your child with the SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid and determined that he or she doesn’t need to see a doctor, you’ll want to have some cough syrup on hand. I have found it beneficial to have different flavors of cough syrup as well as both night and day syrups.

What additional items do you keep in your medicine cabinet?

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