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Kitchen Helpers

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This section is about helping you out in the kitchen – not really recipes. Yes, I know that a huge portion of being a homemaker is cooking. However, that section of our blog is so large that it has its own category.

From our homepage, go to “in the kitchen”. From here, just visit our recipes.

You can also find a text only list of recipes on our recipe index (link found on the sidebar at all times, right between the two ads).

Freezer cooking is a staple in our house. We don’t really spend hours, once a month, making a ton of dishes. We do, however, make convenience items: like browning & seasoning hamburger meat to use in future dishes or making our ow seasoning blend, or making up muffins and freezing them so the boys can grab them at will.

Freezer Cooking:

Below, find some of our tried and tested, most favorite, tools and trick sot help you feed your family – even if you don’t have 5, basically grown, men living in your home!

Kitchen Tools:

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