The kids are going to love this Submarine Bento Lunch Idea! It’s the perfect way to create a healthy and fun lunch for the kids that they’ll gobble up in no time at all!

This simple bento box lunch idea is perfect for the kids lunches.


– Hot Dog Bun  – Meat  – Cheese – Mayo – Straw  – Blueberries  – Whale or Fish Crackers

How to Make Submarine Bento Lunch

Step One – Make your Submarine. Use a Hot Dog Bun, meat, cheese mayo and a straw. Put your sandwich together and then add your straw on the top as the periscope.

Step Two – Assemble your sandwich in a container with Whale crackers on the bottom to appear as if it is in a sea of fish.

Step Three – Next make your blueberries and swimming fish. Add a handful of blueberries to a container and stick a little fish cracker in it so that it looks like it is swimming.

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