It’s no secret that young children have trouble learning to wait. Combine short attention spans with a focus on self and it’s easy to see why showing patience is so difficult for kids.

But there are plenty of ways to help kids learn to be patient and these patience worksheets for kids can make it fun!

Let kids practice spotting letters of the alphabet with this printable Find the Letter: B is for Bubbles activity!

Build penmanship skills and patience with these printable Snowflake Handwriting Practice Worksheets!

Give the kids these Flower Swirl Coloring Pages and let them work on them over a few days!

Add these printable Diamond and Square Advanced Coloring Pages to your patience building lesson plan!

Challenge the kids to complete these Squirrel Coloring Pages and make them as colorful as possible!

Grab this Printable Football Brainteaser and use it with toothpicks to build logic and reasoning skills!

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