Halloween Worksheets for Upper Elementary

If you need some Halloween lessons in worksheet form, these Halloween Worksheets for Upper Elementary are perfect!

These are easy activities that your student can either try and complete on their own, or you can help walk them through, depending on their skill level.

It’s also a nice quiet activity, so that you, as the teacher or parent, can have a few minutes to take a breath and work on your lesson plans.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

The printables available for download below are a flexible set of worksheets for kids in the 3rd grade and up through the remainder of elementary.

What it includes

– Dictionary skills – Alphabetizing words – Color-coding the word type – Fall themed directed drawing

Fun ways to use this printable

Having these worksheets for upper elementary is useful. Here are a few fun ways I plan to use our halloween worksheets.

Skills Assessment/Reteaching

Sometimes kids just need a little bit more help when it comes to some of the more complex concepts. And that’s totally ok.

I like to use simple themed worksheets like this set of trick or treat printables to get the kids practicing things that they need a little help with.

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