Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

This Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad is tasty and simple to make. If you’re looking for a great spin on a traditional salad, this is the one for you.

Ingredients – Noodles – Block Of Cheddar Cheese – Peas & Carrots – Bacon Bits/Pieces – Ranch Dressing

Instructions 1. Take boiled noodles & place them into a large mixing bowl. Make sure the noodles are cold. Spray with cold water to lower the noodle temperature if needed.

2. Add the can of drained peas & carrots. 3. Now pour in those bacon bits!

4. Time for the cheese. Slice the cheese into small squares before adding. 5. Pour the entire bottle of ranch into the bowl.

6. Add salt & pepper to taste! 7. Mix well. Serve & enjoy!

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