Super Fun Valentine Preschool Activities

The kids are going to love these Valentine Preschool Activities! This pack of printables is full of fun Valentine’s Day activities for preschoolers.

Perfect for early learning to build confidence and have the kids create their own Valentine’s Day cards, too. You can also use these to work on fine motor skills also.

These learning activities are a great way to get the kids excited about Valentine’s Day while also combining learning aspects as well. Perfect for indoor play.

These fun Valentine’s Day activities include: – Draw a Valentine’s Day card – Memory Game – Emotions Game – Valentine Tic Tac Toe – Valentine Heart Counting – Trace the Lines – Color The Things You Love

Fun ways to use these printables: While there are many fun printables for the kids to work on, don’t forget that you can use them for other fun things, too.

Have candy prizes for the games Candy hearts are super popular during this holiday. Have some on hand for the winner of tic tac toe.

Use play dough to create heart shapes Since the kids will be looking at heart shapes on these printables, have them use their sensory skills and create their own heart out of play dough as well.

Make more paper hearts for decoration Making homemade Valentine’s Day cards are fun, but why stop there. Get some construction paper and let the kids make even more hearts based on the ones on the printables.

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