Slow Cooker Whole Fryer Chicken Recipe

This chicken in the crock pot recipe easily fed my family of five, I have more leftover for supper tonight, and I am making broth as I write this Slow Cooker Whole Fryer Chicken Recipe.

Ingredients – Worcestershire – Muffin tins of seasoning blend –  Whole Fryer Chicken (approx 3.5 pounds) – Ssalt – Black Pepper

Instructions 1. Completely clean out cavity of chicken

2. Place seasoning blend in the bottom of the slow cooker and place the cleaned chicken on top of it.

3. Pour Worcestershire over the chicken. 4. Rub one spice at a time into the chicken.

5. Cook on low heat for approximately 7 hours.

Notes We like to pull all the chicken from the bones, then cook the bones for another 7-10 hours to create a broth for later recipes.

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