With six simple ingredients, this Rolo Candy Dip Recipe is the perfect dessert dip. You can dip cookies, graham crackers, fresh fruit, or grab a spoon and dig in.


– cream cheese – caramel – marshmallow fluff – rolo candy – apples slices – vanilla wafers or other cookies

Add the cream cheese, fluff, caramel, and Rolo candy to a stand mixer bowl.

How to Make Rolo Candy Dip

Mix on high to stir. Pour into a serving dish and surround it with the foods that you want to dip into it.

Top with a Rolo.

Leftover dessert dip should be stored in an airtight container and placed in the refrigerator.

From traditional fruits and marshmallows to more creative options, there are nearly limitless options regarding what to dip into a dessert dip.

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