This Hawaiian Pizza Dip Recipe is seriously so good. When you factor in all the pizza toppings and options that you can add to this dip, it’s no wonder why this is my favorite pizza choice.  So many flavors, so much mozzarella cheese, so many great options. Check out our other simple dip recipes!

People are always surprised once they give in and try this dip. Maybe it’s because they’re used to pizza flavors or maybe it’s because this dip recipe is just so simple to whip up.  Regardless, it’s delicious every single time.

Specialty Ingredients

Pineapple Chunks

Garlic Powder

Tips and tricks for capturing this iconic city in a day.



I’ve found that meal planning saves so much time and energy and lets me focus on the things that I love to do. As you can see from the simple meal planning below, it’s really not hard to do at all!

Best Dip Recipes

Once you make this Pizza Dip Recipe, you’re going to want more tasty dips. Who knew that you could literally have a dip for every type of meal there is? Dessert dips and appetizers are both served best when you can dip into them.

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