Pecan Praline Recipes

We have compiled a list of our favorite pecan praline recipes that will surely please your family’s taste buds. So get ready to start cooking one of these easy dessert recipes for Thanksgiving!

The praline is a southern tradition, commonly made with sugar and corn syrup. It’s been around since before America had its own official flag!

Beautiful Orange Praline Sweet Potatoes These beautiful orange praline sweet potatoes are the perfect Thanksgiving side dish.

Pecan Praline Candy Recipe This buttery, brown sugar Southern candy is such a treat.

Spiced Pecans Recipe This Spiced Pecan recipe is a variation on pralines – sweet but not sticky!

Easy Microwave Praline Recipe It’s easy to make homemade pralines, even without a candy thermometer!

Cinnamon Praline Stuffed Challah A fun take of traditional challah, featuring a cinnamon spiced dough and a sweet praline filling, to upgrade this egg bread into a full breakfast, brunch, or dessert treat.

Perfect Southern Pecan Praline Cookies Chewy Brown Sugar Pecan cookies topped with a praline icing drizzle (or dunk!) for a delicious cookie spin on the classic Southern candy.

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