Don’t miss out on these Henri Matisse Activities for Kids. Make sure to check out my other preschool cutting worksheets for even more creative fun.

The great thing about learning about artists and their creative art in the past is that it helps kids to want to be creative now, too.

This French painted changed the world of art. Through the use of organic shapes and colors, he quickly became one of the most important artists of the 20th century.

Some of the most famous Matisse art projects are Red Studio and Women in a Hat. He has many more and many are still regarded as some of the best works of art to this day.

He showed his talent as a sculptor but is known primarily for his use of colors and shapes. This is what made him unique and made him quite famous as well.

Matisse: Cut-Out Fun With Matisse (Adventures in Art) A great way for the kids to learn about how to cut out and create.

Painting with Scissors – Exploring Matisse Cutouts This is a fun way to learn how to use cutting of objects as colors as a simple way to turn them into art.

Matisse egg This fun egg shows just how creative his style of art can be.

Painting with Scissors: Kids study Matisse Another fun activity for the kids to learn about how to create with colors.

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