This Valentine’s Day Preschool Activity Pack has it all! From handwriting skills to number learning, each page offers a different lesson for the kids.

You can use these for a fun-themed learning packet or as a great way to encourage the kids to want to try and learn something new.

I love having printables on my site because it gives parents and educators great resources to use, free or at a fraction of the cost.

The click of the print button is all it takes to get this free printable ready.

What it includes:

All the activities are created and designed to help the kids have fun, and they’re all focused on Valentine’s Day!

There isn’t just one way to use this printable. While it’s true that the pages can be worked on in any order, branch out and add fun new ideas just like they are!

That is why the kids will learn to count, follow directions, be patient, be creative, and work on handwriting skills, all in this simple packet.