These easy candy coated pretzel pumpkins come together so fast! It’s no surprise the kids had them gone so fast, too.

Sweet & Salty come together to form the perfect treat. Plus, with only 3 ingredients, these candy coated pretzel pumpkins are easy enough to make that even the kids can do it!


– Orange candy melts  – Mini pretzels  – Green M&M candies

How to Make Candy Coated Pretzel Pumpkins

Cut the green M&M’s in half.

Place the orange candy melts in a microwave safe bowl, and heat using the defrost setting for 1 minute at a time. Remove the bowl and stir after each minute, and continue heating until the candy is completely melted and smooth.

Dip each mini pretzel completely into the melted candy, and place them onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Before the pretzels completely dry, add half of a green M&M near the top of each pretzel, cut side down.

Place the completely candy coated pretzel pumpkins into the fridge to set for at least an hour, and then serve.

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