If you’re wanting fresh salsa ingredients, this is the recipe for you. In less than 30 minutes you’ll be chowing down with tortilla chips or adding them to your favorite fish tacos.

It’s great in burrito bowls and tastes perfect on grill chicken recipes as well as chicken breasts, too.

It’s perfect with all the delicious flavors and literally tastes absolutely amazing every time you dip into it.

Once you make this Sweet Mango Salsa Recipe, you’re going to want even more of that dipping flavor and taste! The good news? Salsa is really fast and easy to make!


– Mangos – Jalapeño Pepper – Fresh cilantro – Red Bell Pepper – Red Onion – Limes – Salt and pepper to taste

How to Make Quick and Easy Mango Salsa Recipe

Cut all the ingredients and add in a bowl. The peppers may be spicy so wear gloves or just be aware.

Combine all the ingredients and mix well. Top with a bit of lime juice. Eat with chips!