You will love the flavor of this Chocolate Strawberry Muddy Buddies Recipe! It’s a fast and easy recipe that everyone will love!


– powdered icing sugar – dehydrated strawberries – cocoa powder – chex cereal – red or pink candy melts – chocolate chips

Divide the powdered sugar into a gallon-sized bag.

How to Make Chocolate Strawberry Muddy Buddies

Add cocoa powder to one bag, shake it to combine, and then set aside. Put the dehydrated strawberries in a blender and break them down into a powder.

This will take about 1 minute. Put the powder into the 2nd ziptop, shake, and set it aside.

Divide the Chex into two bowls, and set aside.

Put the red/pink candy melts into a microwave-safe bowl and melt in 25-second increments. Sit and reheat.

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