This World Otter Day Cutting Practice is a great way for kids to learn about otters.

They’ll also love being able to work on these cutting practice sheets that are a fun and simple cutting activity for kids.

This scissor cutting activity is great for fine motor skills as well as for working on cutting straight lines and zigzag lines.

This cutting printable is great for helping kids get confidence in their cutting abilities.

What is the benefit of this printable?

The more that they practice, the more that they’ll have a sturdy hand when cutting.

What it includes: This fun otter printable includes various sheets of cutting practice on different directional lines.

This will help them learn how to cut different lines and angles easily.

From straight lines to curvy lines, they’ll learn how to hold the scissors and control their cutting along the varied lines.

The kids can easily draw their own otters and then use their cutting skills to cut them out.

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