Wedding Charcuterie Board Recipe

Celebrate the day with this Wedding Charcuterie Board Recipe! It’s a fun twist on wedding food ideas or a great snack for the bridal party.


– Brie Cheese – Colby Jack Cheese Sliced – Salami – Prosciutto – Whole Grain Crackers – White Chocolate Covered Pretzels – And more!

Clean your tray and place it to the side.

How To Make A Wedding Charcuterie Board 

Clean and dry your fruits

Slice your cheeses: cut the Brie into Triangles and slice the Colby jack into small rectangles.

To make the salami bouquet, use 4-5 slices and a portion cup. Fold one slice in half, then roll it up until you have a rose. Place the rose in the portion cup.

Repeat the fold and roll on each slice until the cup is full of roses. I used 3 bouquets for this board.

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