Printable Halloween Sequencing Activities

These Halloween Sequencing Activities will help your preschool and kindergarten-aged children work on patterns and sequencing.

Some are easy and some are a bit harder. No matter what, these preschool Halloween printables will help them recognize patterns.

Teaching patterns and sequencing to young children is a great way to work on critical thinking and fine motor skills.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

These Halloween-themed learning pages will teach your child how to figure out the pattern of what comes next.

What it includes

These sequence activities included pages of Halloween pictures that go in order and form a pattern. It is then up to your little one to figure out what comes next in the pattern.

Fun ways to use this printable

Halloween is such a fun time of the year that you don’t need to stop with the learning. Use these printables as a way to do even more fun things!

Create Halloween coloring pages

Let the kids draw their own Halloween pictures and create fun images to color.

There is room on the backside of the pages to draw all sorts of things.

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