Anyone who loves snacks and fun will love this Mermaid Charcuterie Board Recipe! It’s the perfect idea for a fun treat and great for birthday celebrations, too!


– mermaid popcorn – under the sea jello cups – mini frosted cupcakes – mermaid sprinkles

Add the sprinkles to a small dish and put it into the center of the board.

How to Make Mermaid Charcuterie Board

On each side of the center of the board, add 6 cupcakes. Leave a bit of space between the sprinkles and the cupcakes.

Add four Jello cups on the top of the board and four on the bottom, in a line.

This will fill the space in between the cupcakes on the left and right, but leave space between the Jello cups and sprinkles located in the middle.

Fill the center space with mermaid popcorn.

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