Halloween Verbs Worksheet

This Halloween Verbs Worksheet will help your second and third-grade-aged children work on understanding and recognizing all types of verbs.

Adding a spooky ghost, a vicious vampire, or a howling werewolf to a worksheet around Halloween time is a sure-fire way to keep kids interested in doing school work.

This free Halloween worksheet is great for after-school, home school, or holiday break extra practice. Perfect for any second and third grade aged child that is working on verbs.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

They’ll learn about identifying verbs and past and present tenses, and this Halloween-themed printable will help.

What it includes

This fun Halloween printable includes sentences about subject-verb agreement and will help teach your child all about verbs and how to identify them.

Fun ways to use this printable

While this printable is great for reading comprehension, it can be used for so much fun as well!

Create some fun Halloween math

Find a way to incorporate some math into the day!

Count candy corn from trick or treating or count out all the candy loot that they scored on Halloween day.

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