Deviled Egg Charcuterie Board  Recipe

Get ready to love this Deviled Egg Charcuterie Board Recipe! It’s fast, simple, and perfect for all occasions.

Adding all your favorite egg toppings is the perfect way to make each bite taste new and unique. This is also really fun to put together!


– Eggs – Mayonnaise – Mustard – Salt – Black Pepper – Paprika – Radishes – Sun Dried Tomatoes – Diced Ham – Bacon Bits – Feta Cheese – Olives Black or Green – Sunflower Seeds – Chives – Cilantro – Green Onions

I’ve made this for tailgates, parties, and weekend snacking at home. There’s nothing like a giant platter full of deviled eggs to kick off the party!


The more that I make this, the more that people crave it. I’d say that it is a pretty good indicator that it’s a winning recipe – which means that you have to give it a try!

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