I like chocolate drinks and warm ciders, hot teas and such – but when it is nearly 100 degrees in the shade, I have to compromise. These Top Drink Recipes for Summer are perfect for quenching my thirst and cooling my body down. Plus, they are all alcohol free! 

Best Summer Recipes for Everyone!

Since all of the drinks in this list post are alcohol free, they will make great summer drink recipes for kids as well as adults.

Easiest Quick Summer Drink Recipe:

The best way to have a fancy summer drink without a ton of fuss is to muddle a tiny bit of fruit into a glass of water.  That’s it!

Best Fruits for Water:

When I go on vacation in the summer, I love to stay at hotels that have complimentary, fruit-infused water.   However, it took me a long time to realize I could also make my own! LOL!

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

From Iced Coffee to frozen faux-margaritas, there's a delicious drink here for everyone in your family!

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Nothing says Summer quite like a red, white, and blue frozen drink, does it?

This delicious recipe is not only alcohol free, but also healthy. 

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