Printables Halloween Flashcards

These Printable Halloween Flashcards are perfect for reading skills. These free Halloween flashcards are really great for helping with reading instruction and phonemic awareness.

Your child’s reading fluency and reading ability are going to start to improve the more that they practice!

Use this free printable to help with reading comprehension and as a great way to actively engage your child in the reading process.

The picture cards help to associate the word with the items, too. Check out these other preschool printables for more learning activities.

These flashcards include Halloween-themed words and pictures that will help them to learn reading strategies on how to make individual sounds while learning how to decode words as well.

The kids can help you carve a pumpkin or just paint one – whatever you decide. If you can get mini pumpkins, everyone can create their very own.

Have the kids take all the words on the flashcards and create a super fun Halloween story. It’ll be a great way for them to work their minds and work on their creativity skills at the same time.

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