Florida is at the south-eastern edge of the United States and juts out into the Atlantic ocean far to the south.

These 30 recipes will give you a taste of being in Florida for the first time or remind you why you love living there.

Key Lime Pie The Florida Keyes is known for its key lime pie. It’s made with a graham cracker crust, sweetened condensed milk, and key limes, with a dollop of homemade whipped cream.

Stone Crabs Stone crabs are easy to come by in Florida are served at many pubs and high-end restaurants.

Cubano The Cubano sandwich is a favorite in Florida. It’s a panini-style sandwich made with ham, swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard grilled until it’s hot and melty in a press.

Gator Bites Fried gator bites are fun and something you need to try if you get the chance.

Conch Conch are sea snails that can be eaten raw or cooked. They are delicious fried as well as fresh on salads and in ceviche.

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