Famous Colorado Foods

Colorado is known for its Rocky Mountains, wide-open spaces, and amazing food scene. Some Famous Colorado Foods include grilled trout, anything made from Palisade peaches, bison burgers, and green chile.

These 10 recipe categories will help you get to know Colorado and its food culture in delicious ways.

Trout Grilled or pan-fried trout is a specialty in Colorado because this is one of the most common types of fish in its stunning mountain lakes.

Palisade Peaches A town in Colorado, Palisade, grows the best peaches in the state.

Bison Burgers Bison burgers are popular in Colorado because of their amazing flavor.

Olathe Corn on the Cob Corn grown in Olathe, Colorado is another amazing crop grown in the state.

Colorado Pizza The Colorado pizza was started by a pizza joint called Beau Jo’s. They serve big deep-dish pies.

Sopapillas Sopapillas are fried squares of dough that puff up and are covered with cinnamon sugar and honey.

Lamb Colorado is one of the largest producers of lamb in the country. It’s a delicacy that you can get at steakhouses in any major city.

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