This baseball themed charcuterie board is a wild and fun way to bring out all the best snacks and treats for your baseball themed party!

Whether you’re watching a baseball game or celebrating a baseball themed baby shower, this easy baseball charcuterie is bringing it all to the plate for a definite home run.

It’s so versatile, but perfect if you’re planning an after-party for the baseball team or a ball game watch party. You make it yours!

– Potato Chips – Baseball Cupcakes – Cotton Candy – Mini Corn Dogs – Easy Cracker Jack Party Mix – Mini-Sized Candy Boxes


Instructions 1. Start by placing the containers of ketchup and mustards to one side of the board.

2. Add in the mini corn dogs and cupcakes to the board, filling-in the majority of the larger areas of the board.

3. Place the boxes of candies and baseball cookies in any other large areas on the empty board, covering a smaller area.

4. Tuck peanuts, popcorn, chips and bubble gum pieces in the spaces between the larger items.

5. Then place some cotton candy in any other areas remaining open and enjoy!

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