This National Bike Month Cutting Practice is great for kids! They’ll love this cute printable that works on their bicycle-themed scissor skills.

These animals on bikes on such a cute focal point for this scissor practice activity. Fun and easy preschool worksheets that 2-4 years old love.

Cutting with scissors is a great life skill. Encourage your child's scissor cutting skills using these fine motor activities.

This fun National Bike Week cutting practice includes 4 different pages of lines and animals on bikes for the kids to love.

What it includes:

Each person gives different dotted lines to help the kids learn how to maneuver the scissors to follow them.

You’ll be able to know that your early learner is gaining skills is learning how to use scissors properly to cut on lines.

This is a craft activity that will help them continue to develop and grow and work on their fine motor skills.

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