Halloween Preschool Handwriting Practice

Use this Halloween Preschool Handwriting Practice as a great way to teach preschool and kindergarten learners how to start writing.

In this worksheet, they’ll be tracing a dotted line which will help them understand the importance to trace the letters as they get a bit older.

These Halloween handwriting practice worksheets are great for helping to practice writing as well as pencil grip and other fine motor skills.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

For them to start to learn how to write, this is the first step that has to happen before moving on to other writing activities.

What it includes

This printable activity includes traceable lines that will have them working on their fine motor skills.

Fun ways to use this printable

Even though these Halloween tracing worksheets are fun to do as they are, don’t forget to add in some other fun!

Trace with dry erase markers

If you laminate these sheets, you can then use them over and over again!

The kids can trace the straight line and then you can wipe it clean for more learning fun.

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