Halloween Greater Than Less Than

These Halloween Greater Than Less Than Worksheets will help your Elementary-aged children work on understanding math concepts like greater than and less than.

These are great for kindergarten worksheets, 1st-grade recap, or any grade level that needs a reminder or extra help.

These more or less concept worksheets are the perfect printable worksheets for comparing numbers and ordering numbers. Halloween math is perfect for this time of year!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

These greater than less than worksheets for kids will help them understand how to identify which numbers are less and more in a quick and efficient way.

What it includes

These numbers worksheets include fun Halloween pictures that then help the kids focus and practice greater and less than learning.

Fun ways to use this printable

Now that you have them focused on math, use that to branch off and try some more math learning! Do like the math centers do and build upon their knowledge.

Create Halloween word problems

What better way to work on math skills than to add in spooky word problems?

Make some silly Halloween stories up and add in some addition and subtraction for them to work on.

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