Halloween Cutting Practice Worksheets

It can be difficult for little ones to learn to handle scissors properly. These Halloween cutting practice worksheets are a great resource to have on hand.

These worksheets provide an opportunity for kids to practice holding scissors and paper together while cutting lines with a variety of difficulties.

The fun Halloween graphics adorning each page are perfect for the month of October.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

The best thing about these cutting practice pages is that they require no prep. Just print and go!

What it includes

You can print multiple copies of each page so that your kids can practice over and over before moving from one line style to the next.

Fun ways to use this printable

Snip fringe around the edge of a piece paper. Provide them with worksheets like the ones on this page so they can practice over and over again.

Cutting for building hand-eye coordination.

It takes quite a bit of coordination to hold the paper in one hand and the scissors in the other as their eyes track the scissors moving along a line.

The development of these muscles is important as they learn to grip a pencil properly later on.

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