Halloween Addition Worksheets

These Halloween Addition Worksheets will help your lower elementary-aged children work on their math skills.

This is perfect for a Halloween unit study as well. Halloween-themed worksheets make for interesting learning that the kids will love.

Use these Halloween addition sheets as a great way to work on addition with regrouping and skip counting.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Learning addition facts is a fun way to build their confidence quickly so that they can work on adding doubles and even more math worksheets.

What it includes

They have fun picture pages that help to teach digit addition in a fun and easy to process way.

Fun ways to use this printable

Using number lines for learning math are great but let’s all agree that Halloween learning is perfect for this time of year.

Count candy corn

Grab that yummy Halloween candy and start counting!

This is an easy way to motivate them to work on their math counting skills with a sweet incentive.

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