Asparagus Linguine Recipe

Asparagus is an amazing and versatile vegetable with so many great health benefits, and with great asparagus recipes like this Asparagus Linguine with poached eggs, getting your five a day is not only easy – it’s delicious.

This asparagus linguine recipe makes the asparagus so delicious that you will have no need to hide it amongst the noodles.

The real secret to this recipe is knowing how to properly poach an egg.

To poach an egg, you want to add just a touch of vinegar to a pot of boiling water. Too much vinegar and your egg will take on the taste!

Crack your eggs into a small dish and then carefully lower the dish into the boiling water and turn the egg out into the water.

The perfect poached egg will release a hot liquid yolk when cut in half, so you want to do this step right before you are ready to eat.