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Wyoming Crafts for Kids

Wyoming is best known for its wide open landscapes, mountains, and plains. This state is one of the least populated in the U.S., but its small population leaves plenty of its beautiful land untouched. Due to its magnificent surroundings, Wyoming has several national parks, including the world-famous Yellowstone National Park. Because Wyoming is so well …

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Minnesota Crafts for Kids

The state of Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and with good reason! This state is packed with bodies of water, including some famous ones such as Lake Minnetonka. Along with its lakes, Minnesota also features tall mountains, large forests, and all kinds of wildlife! Use these cute Minnesota crafts for kids to …

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Arkansas Crafts for Kids

For many years, Arkansas was known as the “Land of Opportunity”. In recent years, though, the state changed its nickname to “The Natural State” and it’s easy to see why! This state is packed with natural resources, including minerals, gems, animals, crops, and, most of all, its people. When you’re putting together an Arkansas unit …

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