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Send Mom a Bouquet She Won’t Easily Forget!

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great mothers day gift ideas

I told you about shopping at RedEnvelope for my Mom and Personalized Gifts for my Mother-In-Law, now I get to tell you about my own Mother’s Day gift! LOL!  I am not a flower type girl which I guess is a good thing since my husband hasn’t brought me flowers in more years than I can count.  I am not complaining!  He brings me Chocolate and that really is sooo much better.  However, there really is nothing like sticking your nose in a big bouquet of flowers is there?  It just makes me feel all misty and girly.

So, when given the chance, I ordered myself a BIG vase of flowers! I must say, this is the first time I have ordered from ProFlowers and I am impressed!  Not only do they have so many great mothers day gift ideas, but their prices are amazing!

I brought my boys in to the computer and told them I was choosing myself a Mother’s Day gift and asked if they wanted to give their opinions.  Hmm.. 2 out of three are exactly like their Father “Whatever YOU like Mom!”  Not Zack, my sensitive man who told his little girlfriend the other day that he “respects her decision” about whether he should call her on the phone or not!  Zack hung out with me for quite some time while I flipped through page after page of the great mothers day gift ideas and we picked quite a few that we really liked:

However, we settled on the vase of Tulips that see you at the top of my page.  I was impressed when they came and so happy with the fact that they lasted about a week!

*I was given a gift code by Pro Flowers to test their products and service. Any opinions stated are strictly my own!*

Sharing is caring!