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Save Money Make Your Own Soda At Home

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I received the chance to review the Soda Stream Fountain Jet for review in exchange for an honest blog review that in no way shaped my opinion of this product. 

If you’re a soda consumer then you know firsthand how expense soda has become in the supermarket. I have a family filled with people who still enjoy sodas and other fancy drinks such as Crystal Light, Kool Aid and other drinks. So, when I was given the chance to review Soda Stream I jumped at it.As you already know, one case of name brand soda is now at least $5.00 unless you catch them on sale.  With Soda Stream makers, you can invest in a bottle of the mix that lasts between 3-4 months for that same $5.00 and get up to 33 glasses of soda. That’s over 2 times (really almost 3) as many sodas for the same cost as a 12 pack of name brand high end soda.


You can create your own drink based off of your current desire with the many flavor choices that are available by Soda Stream.There are flavors for all types of drinkers in the Soda Stream store. You have the normal regular soda flavors, diet versions, sparkling teas, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Ocean Spray, Happy Hour Cocktail Mixers, Country Time, and even a few more. What’s nice about the soda mixes is they don’t contain the high-fructose syrup found in normal soda. The diet drinks do not have the aspartame in them either.

My mother-in-law has had her eye of this machine for many months prior to me seeking out the chance to review this product. She saw the savings potential before I put two and two together. She also likes being creative with her drinks and she knew this machine would allow her to do it.This product is especially good for someone who loves soda, but has to normally let her soda drink get watered down due to the carbonation being too strong for her body to handle. The Soda Stream allows the user to determine how much carbonation goes into each drink. For me personally, that is actually a huge plus because I don’t like high carbonated drinks and my husband loves them to send his mouth kicking because it’s so full of it.

WP_20140128_013For me personally, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the outcome of the Soda Stream. I was actually alone with my assessment of the machine because my kids loved it. My mother-in-law was ecstatic to try it, and still brags about how good the machine makes her drinks. She is still making various drinks for her and the kids and bringing them over for the kids on a daily basis. She loves the Lemon Lime flavor the most. The boys love the various Kool-Aid flavors themselves.

Soda Stream has a wide range of different machines to suit the needs of their consumers. They all have their own set of benefits that can help you create the types of drinks that are suitable for your individual needs. I like that Soda Stream has the different machines to choose from because then I know I’m getting to customize my at home experience.

You can gain more information about Soda Stream by visiting their website. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. You can even check out their Ms. Fizz blog for even more details.

Sharing is caring!

Ryan Biddulph

Sunday 9th of February 2014


Fair review. I am a water drinker who likes the occasional soda here and there. The machine would get a few spins in my home ;)