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Organization: Labels, Magazines, Papers, OH MY! #OfficeRedo

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Oh dear!  I have mentioned the See Jane Work products before and now it is time to really break down the items I was able to test out to show you why I like them so much.  Then, I will give you a sneak peek at my wish list.  Goodness!  I think I should try to convince See Jane Work that they need a Brand Ambassador and that person should be me. #imjustsaying. LOL!

To see it all and hear my cute Southern accent (LOL!), be sure to click through to my site so you can watch my video.

SeeJane_MagHolderThe See Jane Work Basics Magazine File is very well made and super sturdy.

Covered in fabric-textured, laminated paper, in an assortment of designer colors, these durable Magazine Holders are perfect for the home and office.

It is perfect for more than just magazines, as you can see in my video.

You could also decorate some cardboard (like one side of a cereal box) and use some sticky-tab dividers and create dividers for your magazine file.  Then, you could organize all your different printer paper, stationary, or other paperwork into one.

What other uses can you think of for these magazine files?

SeeJane_FileBoxThe See Jane Work Basics File Box is also well made and super sturdy!

Covered in fabric-textured, laminated paper, in a variety of designer colors, they’re perfect for keeping frequently used files at your fingertips or maximizing storage in a cubicle or home office.

I am using the one I have for a tax file, but have plans for a few more including an action file box for my kitchen and a project file box for my office!

I have also been thinking of the ways to use these boxes that contain hanging files… like to hold the boys colors and coloring books or their play dough!  I bet it would hold all my hair accessories and scarfs just beautifully in my Master Bed and Bath.  Oh yeah!  Seriously, I should put together a proposal.

For More Information on See Jane Work, Be Sure To:

Here is a view of the top of my desk – why?  Because I love to take pictures. LOL!  See the little clear holders between my two great See Jane Work magazine files?  I have 1 more Grass colors box and 2 Chocolate magazine boxes on my See Jane Work wish list.  Won’t that be cute?


Guess what, every purchase you make at See Jane Work gives you points, then you can put your points towards your next purchase.  I love when companies reward their customers!

Wish list sneak peak – this is only a small portion of all the items in my saved products list!:


DISCLAIMER:  I was sent items by See Jane Work, no money exchanged hands.  Any opinions stated are strictly my own.

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Monday 21st of May 2012

Love the video! I think these boxes are great because they are covered in fabric. It really makes them look classy!