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Menu Plan Monday and Weekly Work Out Plan (04/15/2013)

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So, I have been working very hard the past 4 weeks to lose 1 to 1.5 pounds per week. I it isn’t much, but the point is to be very careful that I am NOT losing lean mass.  That I am only losing body fat.  So, I have lost 6.54 pounds of body fat – or 2.3% of my body fat!  The scale shows 6 pounds lost.  So, I have managed to shed body fat and pump up a bit of my lean mass (or muscle)  YAY!

What does that mean in inches?  Well, I am kind of lazy.  So, I have not measured all the parts of my body.  I have only been worried about my waist and my hips.  LOL!  So, I have only been measuring them.  Waist I have lost  1.5 inches and hips I have lost 1.25.  I am ok with that!

So, this week I am kind of addicted to Fitness Blender.  It has everything I could want in a workout and they have tons of equipment free ones.  I can grab some free weight or strap on some ankle weights to add a bit more resistance but all-in-all, I like them and they kick my rear for sure!  LOL!

OK, so my plan for this week is:

  • MondayUpper Body:  arms, chest, upper back
  • TuesdayCardio
  • WednesdayCore:  stomach, back, oblique’s
  • ThursdayCardio
  • FridayLower Body:  Legs, Glutes, and Lower Back  <–KILLS ME!  Still sore from last week.

Ok, on to my menu planning ideas for this week:

  • For breakfast I have been eating my Creamy Caramel Mocha Protein Shake – it is about 310 calories and really gets me up and charging through my morning blog work and my workout.
  • For Snacks, I have purchased some light yogurt, granola bars, rice cakes, rice chips, and yummy fruit.
  • For lunches, I have been changing things up from eating leftovers (if you stick to an ACTUAL serving, no food is too bad) to eating fruit and veggies, salads, grilled chicken, lean pockets, etc.

MondayRotel Dip – this one is going to be super hard to resist.  I am going to allow myself a very small amount AFTER I fill up on salad.

Tuesday:  Cheeseburger Mac

Wednesday: McDonald’s – thank goodness for the low calorie menu – this is a crazy busy night with dance and McDonald’s is the closest place to grab some grub

Thursday:  Hamburgers – I will make Ricky and I 2 oz ones and we can eat them on 40 calorie bread instead of big buns.  So, we will be ok.

FridayPork Chop and Rice Casserole  

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Looking for more weekly meal plans?  You can find plenty of recipes as well as a free menu planning sheet on my kid friendly recipes page!

Sharing is caring!

Erika Clarendom

Tuesday 16th of April 2013

I'm trying to lose weight. Its harder for me to lose because I have some anxiety/stress issues but the weight is slowly coming off. I was doing the gym and the I lost 1 lb in 3 weeks- so depressing. With some light jabbing of a friend I started Shakeology and in two weeks I have lost 4 lbs this far. My link is attached but I think on top of the shake what really has made a HUGE difference is slim in 6. Wow- I'm feeling so much better doing it. You should totally get that video- also available from beachbody. I thought no way is this dumb exercise video could work but it really helps tone your body and help you to lose weight.