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Letter O Worksheets

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Use these Letter O Worksheets as the perfect way for letter identification! The kids will be able to focus on learning all about the letter O! Alphabet learning is one of the best activities!

This packet of alphabet printables will help your child learn how to trace the letter O and identify pictures that begin with the letter O.

Taking time to work through all the alphabet letters is a great way to ensure that the kids are having fun and focusing on all the letters.

With 26 letters today, they’ll have a blast learning and many activities and printables!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

What I love about these worksheets for kids is that they focus on more than just one learning aspect. The pages are perfect for showing pictures of words that start with the letter O while giving the kids a place to trace the word.

They can then choose to color the black-and-white picture that is on the page or not! All of these activities are great for fine motor skills, too.

What it includes:

This Letter O printable includes multiple pages that focus on the letter O. It’s not only a way for the kids to trace, but each page includes a picture and a word that starts with the letter O.



Fun ways to use this printable:

There are always ways to expand the learning for more learning fun. Talk to the kids to see what other activities they think would be a great time.

Here are some fun learning activities to get you started.

Go on a Letter O scavenger hunt

An engaging way to explore the shapes and curves of the English alphabet is by organizing an O scavenger hunt.

The letter O is unique from other letters because of its circular shape, making it fun and exciting to observe in various environments.

To start the hunt, create a list of places to explore where the letter O may be found, such as road signs, book titles, and store logos.

Venture out and see who can collect the most examples of the letter O within a set time frame.

Not only does this activity promote teamwork and problem-solving, but it also encourages participants to notice and appreciate the little details in their surroundings. Let the hunt begin!

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Eat letter O foods

Orange slices are a classic snack for kids of all ages, while olives provide a more sophisticated flavor for older children.

Other “O” choices include oatmeal, which can be jazzed up with fruit and other toppings, and Oreos, a perennial favorite for younger eaters.

For those who prefer savory over sweet, onion rings and octopus (in the form of sushi or grilled tentacles) are also tasty options.

By including these “O” foods in meals and snacks, parents can help their kids develop a love for a broader range of foods.

Sing a song about the letter O

Incorporate words that rhyme with O, like “toe” and “foe,” and make up nonsensical lyrics that will have the kids laughing and memorizing the tune in no time.

Encourage them to create lyrics and share the song with friends and family.

Who knows, maybe they’ll even write a hit song with the letter O as the star!

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