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How to Find Giveaway Sponsors, Products to Review, and Advertisers for your Blog #learntoblog

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This week, we (I and Crystal and Company) discussed how to find giveaway sponsors!  In the video below, we were going to tell you the FOUR simple steps to successful partnerships with brands for sponsorship, giveaways, and paid product placements!  However, we gave so much content for the first two steps that we ran out of time!  So, next week we will continue the final steps and end this series!

Seriously, it is a great one so while I will be giving a few details in this post, How to Find Giveaway SponsorsI want you to take the time to watch the video.  There is so much information there that you simply must watch.

Below are some of the places we mentioned in the video:

In addition to these places, I also give you word for word my repitch!

Be sure you stay up to date on the ever changing FTC regulations!

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Sharing is caring!

Thursday 3rd of October 2013

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Mindy Brownfield

Monday 30th of September 2013

Thank you so much for sharing and taking thetime to do these informative posts! It took me quite a bit of research to find out the information you have shared so honestly. Thank you!!:)

Libby's Library

Wednesday 24th of April 2013

This is fantastic information. I've bookmarked this page, so that I can go back over the information, on a regular basis. Gosh Kelli - I wish that you were my mentor. I need to learn so much to grow my blogging. I could also use some technical tutoring!

Susie @Bowdabra

Sunday 21st of April 2013

Thanks for linking up an awesome project! Stop by again next week and link up some more cool stuff!

Have a great week! Susie@Bowdabra

Anita @ Losing Austin

Thursday 18th of April 2013

Can't wait to listen and search through this all- thanks! I've focused soley on content but am now starting to consider sponsors.