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How to Clean Your Clothes

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Clothes are very important parts of us not only physically but also in what they reflect about our inner personalities. Hence, we should all take really good care of our clothes especially as they get more and more expensive. Washing your clothes periodically is a great way to keep them clean and looking new. Not to mention, washing your clothes can greatly improve your hygiene. This article will discuss steps and guidelines to ensure your clothes get washed correctly.

First  Method: The Washing Machine

  • Classify your clothes in different ways. First, separate the light color clothes from the dark colored ones. This will prevent your light colored clothes from acquiring the dyes associated with dark colored clothes. Second, you must separate heavy clothes such as denim pants from light clothes. Heavy clothes need a strong wash, while light clothes should only be washed mildly.
  • Tags on your clothes not only list the manufacturers and sizes, they also give instructions for proper washing, such as temperature and spin cycle settings. Different clothes have different ideal washing setting, so make sure to check the tags.
  • Select the proper water temperature for your clothes. Hot temperatures are usually good for light colored clothes while cold temperatures are good for dark colored clothes. Hot water can cause the dye of dark clothes to fade and mix with the water, which is why it is recommended that they be washed in dark water.
  • Determine the appropriate size of the laundry load. If you fill less than half of the washing machine, choose small load, otherwise choose large. Remember not to force clothes into the washing machine after it becomes full, because this can trigger jams or even permanently damage the appliance.
  • Determine the proper washing cycle for your clothes. Choose regular for your white clothes, permanent for your colored clothes, and delicate for your clothes which are venerable to shrinkage, such as cotton.
  • Use the right detergent and washing fluid, put the right amount inside the washing machine then close the door. There are different brands for these laundry necessities. Choose the right one for you, and make sure its effective.
  • Put your clothes into the dryer then choose again the right cycle: regular, permanent, or delicate.

2nd Procedure: Hand washing of clothes

  • Fill a bucket with one to two gallons of warm water depending on your choice.
  • Add a mild detergent into the bucket of warm water.
  • Soak your clothes into the water. You can also use your hands to remove stains or dirt on your clothes.
  • Rinse your clothes off.
  • Dry your clothes. Lay them flat on something that is clean. Do not hang your clothes since this can cause them to stretch.
  • After reading the process, you can now choose which method of washing you think will work best for you. Be sure that you take care of your clothes while washing them. They are necessities so you must know how to treat them well.

Hopefully these step were easy to follow and understand and they will make the process of cleaning your clothes a lot easier. Although it may seem like it is a lot of steps to take it is worth it at the end to save on energy costs and to ensure that your clothes are clean and smelling good.

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Sunday 16th of February 2014

my great aunt is 85 and still hand washes all her clothes...thank god for washer machines and um confession sometimes I just throw everything in together lol shh my little secret